Mitch Max

Mitch MaxMitch Max is CEO of Virtual Profit Solutions.  His focus is in advanced topics in financial performance management – specifically planning and forecasting, performance measurement, costing and profitability.

Mitch draws on over 25 years of experience both in consulting and management positions, with special expertise in the Financial Services industry. He has held a number of financial management positions in the banking industry, and led the Activity-Based Cost Management practice for the North American Financial Services industry at Arthur Andersen.   He founded other consulting practices after leaving Andersen in 2001, and launched Virtual Profit Solutions in 2010.

Mitch works with organizations to improve their performance by implementing innovative financial management practices.  These include customer, product and channel profitability; strategic cost management and reduction; advanced planning and forecasting; and the introduction of tools and processes to better monitor and manage performance. He is a frequent author, speaker and workshop leader, and is a Senior Fellow with the American Strategic Management Institute (ASMI).  Some of his current areas of focus and interest include capacity management, profitability analytics and driver-based planning.

Mitch’s clients include medium, large and global companies. His most recent work involves small and medium-sized organizations that are looking to adopt best practices in an affordable manner.  He also partners with innovative software vendors to assist them in developing tools that provide value to his client base.

Mitch graduated from the University of Toronto in 1982 and is a Chartered Accountant.  He resides in Toronto.

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