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John MillerJohn Miller


John A. Miller is an internationally recognized expert and leading authority in the areas of financial and performance management.  John has 35 years of experience, a large portion of which has been in industry where he held the positions of Chief Financial Officer for a publicly held NYSE manufacturing company and for a privately owned independent exploration and production oil and gas company.  In addition, he has held positions of corporate Director for Strategic and Operations Planning for two other large, publicly held Fortune 500 companies.

As a former principal at Arthur Andersen & Co., Mr. Miller was a Subject Matter Expert and leader of the Cost Management Competency Center where he had responsibility for the development of Andersen’s worldwide cost management consulting practice, including the development of process improvement methodologies, tools, and training.

John is an acclaimed author and his credits include Implementing Activity-Based Management in Daily Operations (John Wiley and Sons 1996) and over 50 published articles and papers including those in the Journal of Cost Management, Petroleum Economist,   Capital Magazine, Corporate Controller Magazine, and the Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance.

An Interview with John Miller by Alan Stratton

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