Jean Meeks-Koch

Jean MeeksOrganizational Strategist/Founder

Jean Meeks-Koch, Ph.D. is a principal and founder of positive eye consulting, an Oregon-based consulting firm that specializes in organizational systems, design, and process improvement. She is also a professional business speaker and instructor at two major Universities, the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. Jean builds empowered partnerships focused on creating sustainable, bottom-line profits.

Through positive eye consulting, Jean brings a multi-dimensional perspective of organizational transformation and performance management. She has expertise in action theory, organizational learning, systems theory, social construction, and complexity theory. Jean’s expertise in these five theories of organization dynamics uniquely positions her to select strategic change initiatives that match the unique characteristics of an organization.

She holds a Ph.D. in Organization Systems. Her dissertation title is, “INTEGRATING FIVE THEORIES OF ORGANIZATION CHANGE USING THE TRANSFORM-ACKNOWLEDGE-DEFINE-ALIGN-PERFORM MODEL”. Jean also holds a Masters in Accountancy and a Bachelor of Accounting from Southern Utah University.

As an instructor at the University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business, Jean has piloted both Appreciative Inquiry and Strengths-Based Management, grounding her teaching in looking at strategic solutions that foster inquiry and creates a deeper understanding of the value, strengths, and competitive advantage of an organization. Her course expertise is “Management – Valuing the People,” helping students from a variety of majors to become visionary leaders and managers in their chosen profession.

At Oregon State University, Jean’s focus is in the area of finance and cost analysis at the graduate level. Her uncanny ability to look at both the behavioral side and the performance measurement side of organization teaches MBA students that both sides of the equation must be looked at to truly be a peak performing company.

By blending people, planet, and profit in a powerful strength-based organizational model, Jean helps individuals and organizations unfold endless opportunities.

Principal and Founder
Positive Eye Consulting

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