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Alan Stratton has been working in the Cost Management for over 35 years, serving in positions from Cost Analyst to Controller and then to Consultant.  In this process, he has worked for several large companies such as GTE, General Instrument, Atari, National Semiconductor, ABC Technologies, and SAS Institute.  In addition, he has consulted with many companies in sectors from high tech to banking to distribution giving them the tools to manage overhead costs for better decisions and ultimately better profits.

According to Alan, “Frankly, consulting as I and most consultants have been doing it, is quite expensive and often affordable only to larger companies.  It also requires on site work which requires a lot of expensive travel and time away from my home and family.”

“Now, with better internet tools and communication possibilities, I can share the benefit of my expertise with smaller companies who lack the dedicated staff and resources of the large companies.  Often smaller companies need overhead cost management as much or more than large companies.  By coaching you and providing tools and resources via the internet, your company can have good cost management — producing better profits.  You can develop the cost efficiency in your own organization, where it belongs and without the expense of on site consulting.”

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