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Targeting Commodity Costs (Episode 26)

Mastering Circumstances Instead of reacting to commodity prices, why not proactively manage them. The greatest impact comes from managing commodities in the product design before they are locked in. Targeting Commodity Costs Elaine Jones shares how target cost techniques impact commodity price volatility. Passing Commodity Cost to Customers Alan Stratton responds to a viewer’s desire to simply […]


Critical Principles Part 2 and Frustration with Shared Services (Episode 25)

Critical Principles and Frustration with Shared Services Mission and vision statements are great but not enough. Principles must also govern cost systems and processes inside the business. Principles for Cost Systems-Part 2 Pierre Guillaume continues a series on principles that should govern cost systems. In this episode he covers “Cause and Effect Relationships” and “Consistency“. […]


Cost Consciousness and Value Adding (Episode 24)

Cost Consciousness and Value Adding Sports teams use data to measure performance and identify opportunities. We in business use data also to measure performance and identify opportunities. Compared to general statistics, cost is different in that it uses money as a common measurement. Reality is operations; cost and profit is the scorecard (and payoff.) Cost […]


23 – Big Data

Business Data Computers have made a huge difference in our business lives. We collect data, analyze data, make reports from data, manage data, and, at times, cuss data. But really, are we use it or it data using us? Big Data John Miller illustrates the changes and challenges in data acquisition, analysis and use. Opportunities […]


21 – Critical Principles For Cost Systems

Cost Systems Systems are the structure and provide the environment for business. Critical Principles for Cost Systems Pierre Guillaume introduces the principles that must govern a cost system. He introduces the first two principles in this series: Providing Transparency; and Establishing Ownership. Why Have A Cost System Alan Stratton responds to a viewer’s frustration with his […]


20 – Cost Consciousness

Cost Consciousness Mitch Max introduces a series on cost consciousness in business organizations. He reveals differences in cost consciousness and the need for a good consistent culture.   Click HERE to enter your own question.


19 – Predicting The Future

Predicting The Future Predicting the future is the holy grail of business management. Everyone wants a well polished crystal ball to reveal their future. Predictive Analytics John Miller exposes the value of Predictive Analytics in predicting performance. How To Manage Costs Alan Stratton answers a viewer’s question “How To Manage Costs” and why they’re late […]


17 – The Vicious Circle of Cross-Subsidization

Figures Don’t Lie – But… Figures don’t lie – but liars sure figure.” The antidote for business managers of all levels is to understand the relationships that figures represent. The Vicious Circle of Cross-Subsidization Pierre Guillaume exposes how averages hide both opportunities and risks. He details how competitors leverage this obscurity to attack markets. Optimal […]


16 – Drivers in Budgeting and ABC for Service

Our Business is Unique 90% of all business is essentially the same as others. Then we add our special sauce that endears us to our customers. The 90% allows us to learn from other businesses. Drivers in Budgeting Mitch Max completes his series on habits of effective planners. He highlights the benefits of using drivers […]


#11 – Short Cycle Budgeting and Business Performance Measures

Performance Management Edge, the Web TV program giving you information, tips, and advice to better manage your business profitably. In this episode: The Budget Marathon While planning and budgeting are essential business practices, few other management practices are more maligned. For far too many people, budgets have little value and are obsolete the first day […]

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